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I am sorry, oh so very sorry. It has been ages since I last published something; anything. Life, studies, work, crises; happiness and sadness and chilly autumn days following an incredibly warm summer (both in Europe and the Americas!)┬áThe thing … Continue reading

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A Lame Post

I was here, at the library, about to sit and produce the greatest post humanity has ever seen… at least the fraction of humanity who follows my blog and at least the greatest ever since I last posted. And then … Continue reading

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On Ecclesiastes 3 and The Creative Process

As a student I would spend long periods of time creating or, better said, attempting to create. I was supposed to generate innovative, fresh, ‘crazy’ while at the same time well thought ideas… on a deadline. It all worked well … Continue reading

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Dear WordPress… seriously?

Ok, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with Denmark, life (‘pre’ or ‘post) or the like. Apologies. I’m just quite baffled and disappointed to see some changes in the overall structure of WordPress. I know, I know… “why … Continue reading

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The fear of silence

I found a cute button (yes, the kind you stitch to clothes) the other day. I thought I’d blog about it because, well… I won’t tell you why; I still want to blog about it at some point. Then I … Continue reading

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Me = Readanosaurus [Libro comedentis: avid books devourer]

I have been looking all day – intermittently, tough – for something interesting to read. The fact is, I do not have at present a whole lot of money to spend on books… or any other non-basic necessity for this … Continue reading

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On the appropriateness of airing laundry

I’ve been juggling with the idea of posting, for the last two weeks. Many subjects could be covered, dissected and generally, as it often is the case with me, reflected upon, even from a deep, dark, almost bizarre angle no … Continue reading

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