We all take/make trips throughout our life; perhaps a trip down “memory lane”, or a quick one to the store to get groceries and get ourselves out of the house after a long day with a crying toddler or a “stubborn” project that won’t cooperate with us. Some of us are even blessed to make trips across the street :) , the country or the ocean! Whatever the case, we are continuously traveling and with it comes change… I guess that is what interests and intrigues me about it all: CHANGE; how we change our surroundings, our views, our relationships with people, and how life changes us. Then, I would like to share with you all, “my” readers, those things that are different, unique and imply a certain change of what has been “the norm” in my life. Some posts may be rather “dull” and shallow, an some others quite deep and probably just meaningful to me. In any case, I am hoping you’ll enjoy taking this trip into the “unknown” with me.

4 Responses to About

  1. Sara says:

    I’m also interested in Change, exactly as you described it. I’m glad I found this blog. Your posts are rather interesting. I guess I still haven’t found the “dull” ones you mention.

    • Alex says:

      Hej Sara,

      Jeg har lige set din blog. Det er sjov at hverken dig eller mig er skandinaviske, selvom vi taler skandinaviske sprog. (Jeg forstår ikke så meget svensk endnu, men ‘det kommer’… nogen dag).

      Now, thanks for your comment. My theory is, if you have not found ‘dull’ posts yet is because either:
      1. You’ve not read them all yet ;)
      2. I am exercising the ever present ‘too harsh on myself’ measurement standard every respectable writer/blogger should possess, if he/she is ever to become a really outstanding one.

      You just wait. One of these days I might surprise you with such a ‘blah’ piece, you’ll reconsider ‘following’ my blog (No! no! pleeeease!!! don’t leave me! I promise, I’ll make an effort. I’ll get better… pleeeaaase :) )

      Good pics from London, by the way. I actually spent mid-summer in Sweden and would venture to say it wasn’t better than in your neck of the woods… or, the park.

  2. Sara says:

    hehehe… Well, I could figure out that bit was in Norwegian (was it?) and the similarities with Swedish helped.
    Yes, it is funny that none of us is Scandinavian. I still haven’t read your entire blog, of course, so I’m sure I’ll stumble upon those infamous ‘less interesting’ bits. I also think I write dull stuff some times. We should never re-read the old blog entries. Never. You go back to something you wrote last year and after you’ve read it you stare at the screen in disbelief: Did I really write this?? Gosh, that must have been a really bad day… ;-)
    London was very cold/grey/misty on Midsummer. But the event was very nice. I still have to try Midsummer in Sweden. I guess I’ll be prepared, ha!

  3. Alex says:

    Note to self: “Repress yourself and read NOT your previous entries” (check)

    The language was actually Danish, but it’s close enough to Norwegian (though both Norwegian and Swedish sound waaay better than Danish, but hey! I still am proud of my Danish).

    Hope you get to experiment mid-summer in Sweden, soon. Until then, stay tuned. I’ll try doing the same ;)

    – Me

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