A Lame Post

I was here, at the library, about to sit and produce the greatest post humanity has ever seen… at least the fraction of humanity who follows my blog and at least the greatest ever since I last posted. And then – my obvious humbleness aside – I had to pee… and so it happened, unable to resist my urge to read almost everything I see, I succumbed to the almost cosmic-style-radioactive attraction of the letters on the toilet stall’s door; yes, even when I knew unpleasant surprises awaited my unaware eyes. Except they didn’t. Much to my surprise and delight, and contrary to what popular culture and memories of high school would have us readers expect, instead of “so and so loves sa and sa** or bleeeeeeeep (expletive of your choice) word · word· bleeeeeep (expletive of your choice)” I found a bunch of funny, quirky, often-plagiarized-from-tv-shows phrases, assertions, reflections and even pieces of advice like, “your life is a gift from God, worth to be lived. Don’t think so negatively, ” an arrow pointing to the now erased original message a potential depressed teenager might have left; reads like pretty good advice, if a bit oversimplified, if you ask me. All clean, concrete, positive, innocuous words. Whether I condone people writing on bathroom stalls’ doors or not is a different matter, but let’s befog not our happiness  with such minutiae while we can bask in all its temporary, unexpected glory.

My point with this post? Let the foregoing be an excuse for why that cool, important, transcendent post I was determined to write while here, sitting at the library, didn’t hasn’t come to be and thus why you, most gentle readers, will have to wait a little longer to get your neurons delightfully excited (You can tell I’ve been reading a lot of scientificish texts lately). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll sit here a little longer, not-quite-thinking, not-quite-needing-an-explanation-for-the-phenomenon, and take in the pleasant surprise I found in one of the least expected places.  You, in the meantime, keep your eyes moist, nurtured (I’ve read 1/2 cup of spinach works wonders for the macula) and well rested.

Until later, fellow obsessive readers…

Photo: Barry Yanowitz

Befog : Confuse // fog, obscureMacula : an anatomical structure having the form of a spot differentiated from surrounding tissues; especially :  macula lutea //a small yellowish area lying slightly lateral to the center of the retina that constitutes the region of maximum visual acuity —called also yellow spot

**Bear with me, it’d be weird for so and so to love himself ;) ;  OK, it is, but I doubt anyone would admit that on a toilet’s door, despite the much more crude, way stronger ‘telegrams’ one might find

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  1. sherylselk@gmail.com says:

    I love lame, I’m the Baf!!!
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