Dear WordPress… seriously?

3522509847_9b3f81030c_zOk, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with Denmark, life (‘pre’ or ‘post) or the like. Apologies. I’m just quite baffled and disappointed to see some changes in the overall structure of WordPress. I know, I know… “why don’t you then contact their customer service – or similar – and stop ranting in ‘public’?” Well… because.

To start with I must say I simply can’t understand why on Earth one is no longer able to scroll through freshly pressed posts unless signed in. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I did try to find out – without success – a way to just go the WordPress home page and read freshly pressed posts before making this assertion.) Are we really getting to the point of limiting the joys and pains of blogging to a bunch of ‘us’, thus excluding ‘them’ as many groups in waaaaay too many situations and contexts already do day in and day out? Why, WordPress, oh why can’t we bloggers share our passion for writing with those with passion for reading, why?

Why must we also comply with the most recent change (that I’ve noticed, anyway) that  obliges us to scroll down the screen to look at each individual freshly pressed post (giant picture included) instead of looking at all of them – orderly arranged, decent size picture displayed – at once? Why?

Dear WordPress, please reconsider. I can’t quite find practical (or even aesthetic) reasons for these changes and, if I may add my two cents, think it does a great deal of harm to us bloggers limiting our potential readership to those already holding WordPress ‘membership’. Did you at least run a poll among bloggers to check if we liked the changes? (I did not get the memo, thank you) Is it all a subtle strategy to get us to acquire our domains so that people can access freely? It can’t be. You are not like that, you’re not…. oh my… I’d better start saving to acquire my domain… soon

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5 Responses to Dear WordPress… seriously?

  1. Sara says:

    Very good points. I couldn’t agree more. I also do not like the new layout. I don’t like scrolling down and the huge photos definitely do not help.
    Sadly, nothing is free, even when it looks like. Then I sure can see what you mean in the last paragraph. You might very well be right on that. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll just stick to checking the first couple of posts on the list. No scrolling down endlessly. I suppose the community is losing out on this, as other users might react the same way I do. But for a group of people who’ll be reading less and connecting less with other bloggers, another group will follow the changes and adapt. It’s just like Facebook, where people keep complaining of this or that change, but also keep using the site more and more. Social media addiction. We think we are in control, we might not be as much as we think we are ;-)
    This being said, WordPress is a bit different from Facebook and the likes. People (supposedly) read other people’s posts, they connect and exchange views, experiences, opinions, jokes, laughs and so on. I see it as a less superficial media to connect to, often, perfect strangers.
    Maybe the WordPress powers that be should stick to this difference and make it their unique feature, instead of starting to make regular, unnecessary changes under the pressure of… what, exactly?? :-D
    Well… end of rant *here* sorry sorry, I got a bit carried away ;-)

    • Alex says:

      Thanks for your comment Sara. I totally agree; guess we’re blog “soulmates” ;) Stay tuned, there’s a surprise coming (and yes, it has to do with DK). Regards.

      • Sara says:

        Well, seems like they heard you ;-) I have just noticed a change in the Freshly Pressed page…

      • Alex says:

        Thanks for the tip. I’d not been around for a while.
        Hvordan går det med dig? Jeg har lige opdaget at jeg aldrig har skrevet noget på din blogg. Måske er det så tid? Ellers må jeg følge dit exampel og starte at blogg på dansk, Hvad synes du?

        Venlige hilsner,

      • Sara says:

        Tja, jag vet inte. Kanske du kan skriva ett inlägg på engelska och ett på danska. Tvåspråkig blogg. Jag började med två bloggar men kanske bara en blogg är bättre…? Du kan skriva på min blogg också. Blogg liknande jobb ;-)

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