I’m a design junkie…

…and still – warning: here comes a confession – I did not set foot on the Danish Design Centre, ever, while in Denmark. I suppose I had more important stuff to do, ha! That, or I  I did not feel the need to go there in order to satisfy my design contemplation appetites, as they were satisfied in my daily. Of course I was also subjected to horrific design, if it can even be called that.

Most people, at least artsy familiar-with-Scandinavian-design ones, think that when in Denmark all one sees are these beautiful creations out of the hand – and brains – of Arne Jacobsen or such. Not true. One can perfectly walk by stores displaying the most whacky, non-sense, outrageously expensive articles and wonder what on Earth the so-called designer had in mind when (s)he came up with that… hum… piece? and more importantly, what on Earth the buyers have in mind when they hand out their money for such monstrosities. These may be the exceptions but they do exist so, beware, fellow design junkies, for you might also, one day while strolling the gader* of Copenhagen, be unexpectedly scared by some infamous, pieces? of design.

In any case, now that I’m not there (Denmark) anymore, but here (Mexico), and especially while brainstorming for a developing project, I occasionally do what every other designer/artsy person, hungry for inspiration does: try stealing someone else’s idea! Just kidding, though scrolling down through the moma‘s online catalogue certainly helps open the creative “boxes” in my brain and thus I start collecting ideas. Perhaps somewhere, lurking behind a saucer or a kids puzzle, silently lies the spark that will ignite the flame of wisdom and creativity, the one Plato spoke of in his allegory of the cave; so elusive, almost unattainable, yet approachable for those who patiently wait and observe, observe, observe. Perhaps then, it’ll get me to accomplish my noble current assignment and …ahem, get paid.

There’s only one down side to that corny beautiful and monetarily oriented delightful observation experience; the inherent depression episode a true design junkie experiences after realizing one wants, covets, desires at least 20 of the listed items but can not afford them. Never mind owning all those precious objects, materialization of the human genius potential, would require space where to store them, display them and eventually other junkies to admire them as they grow green with envy , all “commodities” I am , for the time being, short of.

So, given the odds are temporarily against me, I guess I’ll just keep day dreaming of the day I can hand out some green in exchange of a “little moma something”… or why not, the day I break free from the chains, run to Plato’s encounter and thus become the brilliant mind whose flame is fed and whose hands design the next “little something” others hand out some green for. :)

* gader = streets

** Image by: Ik’s world trip (source:Flickr)

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2 Responses to I’m a design junkie…

  1. The Baf" says:

    Hey I should start calling you Artsy Ale instead of Nifty Nita. I liked your blog, and can so relate to your window shopping “want vs gelt ” experience.

    • Alex says:

      I like that, Baf! So, should I call you…hmmm.. beautiful baf? Shy Sheryl? (OK, definitely NOT shy Sheryl), perhaps, “sharming Sheryl” (ok, ok, that one’s with a ‘C’) or what? Love you. ‘Knus og kærlighed’

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