Wandernlust… Ja, es ist Deutsch (translation: It’s German for ‘get me out of here’)

So, today’s word? Wanderlust. I know, I spelled it wandernlust on the subject. The thing is, this English word (back to wanderlust) finds its origin in German, whose father word contains an extra “n”.

Now, what’s so special about this word? Nothing, really. Only it:

1. Describes my inner self as of late very well

2. I have being seeing/reading it an astounding number of times in recent days, like in these 2 blogs (free promo for you, fellow bloggers):



Hence my – even more recent – suspicions there’s been a conspiracy to borrow the one cool word I’ve acquired as part of my otherwise dull vocabulary, and use it as much as possible, thus almost turning it into yet another dull word I won’t be satisfied uttering at every opportunity, being left instead with the feeling I’m just one more of those H&M clothes wearing ladies, whose only sin is perhaps to not have money enough to buy more original clothes, though… now what I’m thinking, their sin might well be being not authentic enough to even look for different clothes. Whatever… The point is, I am still full of wanderlust, regardless of how uncool or otherwise, the usage of the word turns me.

Then, dear bloggers and readers alike – and everyone in between – I give you WANDERLUST, capitals and all. Use it wisely; use it for good and not for bad; use it as often and freely as you deem it fit.

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One Response to Wandernlust… Ja, es ist Deutsch (translation: It’s German for ‘get me out of here’)

  1. The Baf says:

    Hey Ale, I loved what you wrote. Ich habe auch wandernlust I also am suffering from , um experiencing the desire to go. Go where and for how long,,,, well, those are questions I have no answers for right now. I think wanderlust helps motivates us when we are in transitions. As we look at the closing of one chapter in our lives, wanderlust helps propel us to the next. I pray that whatever wanderlust I have, it is from my Abba, and not just a selfish case of “I wanna get the heck out of Dodge” syndrome. May we seek the L-RD and start preparing for the next phase of the journey.
    Wow, just as finished that last sentence, I was reminded of all the things that I need to do before I “take off”. I am not a complicated traveler, and can usually just throw my stuff together without much effort. However there are some things that I just have to take care of.
    1) Laundry. I always have to do laundry before I pack. Maybe wanderlust should drive me to look at cleaning up my life. Uncluttering things that need to be straightened out, and perhaps a personal heart check.
    2) Passports and Visas: Traveling internationally one must make sure all documents are updated and legal. I need to make sure that things are in ordnung ( in order) before I leave. That is not just the case when traveling internationally, but there are expectations and rules that we must follow as we go through the airport security system.
    3) House hold and work duties: Before I leave, I also have to make sure that any bills that come in during my absence will be taken care of, that Shira will be feed and watered, and that I have things settled at work. As a teacher, I had make lesson plans and do a whole lot of work before I took a personal day Sometimes just the thought of all the work quenched the wanderlust :0)
    May my heart be in tune with the One who went before the Israelites to search out a place for them to camp, and may I be ready to do what I need to do to prepare for the journey!

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