It kind of stinks, sometimes

I try to be as positive as my ever reflective self allows. And I try to see difficult situations as learning ones, and I try to have faith and hope and “positive vibes” for the future, if you will, but seriously, some days, like today, one’s got to be not only 100% honest but even raw and admit LIFE KIND OF STINKS SOMETIMES!!!!

Since this is now a blog about my life A.D. , I deemed it only appropriate (or at least cathartic) to unleash all my rage, anger, frustration and any other negative emotion one might think of, because:

1. I had to have my laptop repaired at a really high cost with no good enough repair having been done so far, which takes us to…

2. I fooled around with my recently acquired external hard drive in order to work with some of my files while my computer was being repaired, which means…

3. I had had my pictures albums FROM DENMARK AND PRETTY MUCH ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD backed up in my hard drive, but NOT my computer. Therefore, after doing a series of backups, I stupidly and mistakenly deleted around 90% of my pictures!!! Yes, I even cried – I even cried – out of frustration. I know I will always carry the memories of 2010/11 in me heart BUT I won’t be able to see my little “adoptive” kids again, as they were back then. I am utterly upset, mainly at myself, for it was purely my mistake.This is only the last in a series of “little” yet completely annoying events occurring in life this past week/weekend, so yep… it stinks.

Does that make me stop being grateful? nope. Am I being a hypocrite for keeping a “gratefulness” blog ( when I am so angry? perhaps. Can this be compared to famine in Africa, floods in southern Mexico or people losing their jobs or health or even life? by no means. And still, it feels like someone just stripped off a chunk of me; a chunk I won’t be able to recover.

I don’t know what else to say, except it’ll take a while to recover from this one. I know… pictures are just pictures, but I am only human, and humans like recording their journey through this life and Earth and, for better or worse cameras were invented, pictures are taken and thus we try – obviously not very realistically – to re capture and re live moments of our lives.

sigh, sigh, sigh…

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One Response to It kind of stinks, sometimes

  1. The Baf says:

    Oh Ale, I cry with you. I know that they are just pictures, but they represent moments in time that were precious to you. I will be praying that the L-RD do a mighty miracle. I love you my dear Nita and am glad nothing can erase that.

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