School, A.D.

So I am going back to school. OK, not so much; I am just taking to classes in an attempt to:

a) Upgrade myself. Here comes Alex 2.0

b)Learn more about the profession/trade/field/lifestyle I want to pursue.

In any case, and whether I accomplish my goals or not, one thing is for sure: I get soooooo much material to write about, it’s almost insane. Just think about it, I have 3 hours (more less) of commuting… That says it all.

Let’s start by mentioning my new found complex: The cattle complex. (Yes, I coined the term). Turns out I have to take the metro and for you beginners/car owners/small city residents/non commuters, Mexico City’s metro/subway is quite a maze with its 11 – almost 12 – lines and gazillions of stations. That and its more than 5 million commuters a day, make for an authentic experience every time you board. So what with the “cattle complex”? Such is the one originated when, upon boarding or getting off, a policeman (or woman) yells at you empowered by the decibels emerging out of his megaphone, “politely” compelling you to move where and as fast as he/she wants. True, many users fail to observe metro etiquette, but having somebody shout as if the rest of us commuters have no brain and can’t but be herded, results in constant, omnipresent humiliation. Perhaps I should not care that much. I can’t; I can’t not care, and I can’t not perceive the various ways in which Mexico City’s residents are slowly, sometimes even subtlety (not the case of the megaphone guy), stripped off of their humanity. I am no sociologist, and yet my theory is that concrete actions as these, short – albeit powerful – daily messages urging us to enter “the box” , help in great measure to the deterioration of the social fabric of this huge city’s inhabitants. Unless one’s sense of self, belonging and greater purpose in life is rather high, chances are most of us, at point or another, feel the almost irresistible urge to utter a loud, discontent “mooooo”.

Not everything is obscure and depressive in the megalopolis, though. It offers the most varied, amusing, inspiring and uplifting opportunities of observing life and those alive, even right there, underneath the earth, inside that cattle-herding-like managed, subway system. More on that later.

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2 Responses to School, A.D.

  1. The Baf says:

    Wow, my Hermanita, a bovine?! I think your insights on the cattle-complex is really interesting, and spot on. Although I understand your whole commute thing, being a bus rider and all for two years, the massive system there in Mexico city seems beyond amazing. I look forward to more of your posts about your experiences.

  2. The Baf says:

    Oh, I am also very proud of you and excited about your classes. I know it is not easy to go back to school, so hang in there dear Ale!

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