Day 1, year 0

So… I’ve decided it’s too painful (you know, ’cause of the whole “ooohhh, the memories [sigh, sigh]” thing) to keep remembering Denmark. Granted, I eventually will; I might even post some pictures (none of my trips through France, Belgium and the Netherlands, though… did not take my camera then), and I may even write from Denmark again. Heck! If I were a “good” Mexican Catholic – which I am not, and have nothing against those who are – I would even turn a St. Jude* statue upside down, so as to have my wish granted: going back to Denmark. Anyway, for now, it’s time to move forward. “Going backwards? Never! not even to gain momentum” proclaims a Mexican saying. Hence the renaming of this blog. (which, hopefully, will get me a “freshly pressed” at some point).

Now, what does my life look, A.D.? Sometimes it looks quite boring, many a day homesickish, mainly missing my kiddos, and some days, like today, I just want to yell “Danish Winteeeeeeeer, I miiiisssss yoooouuuuuuu”. Some, if not most, may argue it’s NOT (yes, capitalized, as if I were in fact yelling) hot. Some – my sweet grandmother included – may even dare to say it’s getting cold (and insist that I wear a sweater, a sweater for the love of Pete!!!!). I, for one, insist it could not be more miserably hot here, in the huge city I am in, with its monstrous 60 to 77〫F. Yes, my friends, that’s what Denmark does to a mere mortal like me, after getting me used to going out with at least one wool – or other equally warm fabric – layer on, even in late April/early May. So now my hopes are:

1) That autumn/winter temperatures come hastily

2) That God opens a door – wide open – for me to go back to Denmark (also ’cause, besides my obsession with Thebirkes, I’ve got too many winter clothes, you know) so I can practice my Danish, find a viking and live happily ever after. That, or so I can pursue my master’s in Semiotics. In the meantime, I’ll continue drinking tons of water, scratching my nose and squinting every time I go out on the streets – Is it possible to be allergic to your hometown air? – all while I practice imaginary conversations på dansk with my estranged kids, just to keep the language fresh. Jeg skal ikke glemme dansk!

* St. Jude is said to help single women find their knight in shinning armor. Thus the latter turn the former upside down in an attempt to coerce him to find the said,  ahem, prince. I know… He wouldn’t help me with my traveling request but then again, I’m not Catholic, so…
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2 Responses to Day 1, year 0

  1. The Baf says:

    Dear Hermanita, thank G-D there is life A.D. :0) I will be praying with and for you. Es wird besser sein. It will get better. Oh, Hertzliche Gluckwunsche zum Geburtstag !!!!

    • Alex says:

      Tusind tak min sødeste Baf! It was a good day, and I got to eat lots of “German” :o) chocolate cake. Perhaps we can talk soon? I love you MUCH

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