Det Danske Mælk

Så, I morges var der regnvejr…

And that’s why I craved some chocolate milk, which in turn made me think of Matilde; No, it is not a friend I remembered but one of the best known brands of chocolate flavored milk in Denmark. I have very little to say in regards to it. I was just craving it and that’s why I offer this image of her. (Free publicity *wink, wink*)

I wonder, in case anyone is out there reading this post, is there a certain “fødevare” (food item) particular to your country, you are most fond of and/or crave every once in a  while? – especially if you live abroad. Care to share!

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3 Responses to Det Danske Mælk

  1. The Baf says:

    Oh, Ale what an awesome post. Food is so one of my favorite topics :0) When I was in Germany I really missed peanut butter. It is an all American comfort food that the world was lacking way back n the late 70″s. At that time it was sold in special stores that carried “exotic foods” or stores around an American Army base. I also craved popcorn, but found that the Germans did not eat it with salt, like Americans, but rather put sugar on it :0) I did however discover two new foods that were to become my forever favorites. The first one is Nutella. It is a Hazelnut-Chocolate spread that is wonderful! I really missed it when I came back to the States. My friends and family just looked at me with strange looks as I explained that yes, one eats this spread of chocolate and hazelnuts on bread. Finally, after close to 20 years, they brought Nutella to the States, Hallelujah! The other German food that I ate, and missed was a thing called “quark”. It is white and creamy and has the consistency of yoghurt. You also put it on bread with some jam. I liked it even after I found out that it was what we call curds. The only time I heard of curds is when we sang the children’s song, “Little miss Muffit sat on her tuffit eating her curds and whey”. I have never found that in the States. Maybe that’s because the end of the song states “along came a spider who sat down beside her, and frightened my Muffit away”. Maybe we associate curds with spiders, and lose the love. Food truly does play an important part in our lives. It does much more then just give us nourishment. It sets the mood and the tone of a location. I will never forget waking up in my Grandmas house to the smell of home made cinnamon and yeast rolls, or coming home from school to my Mom’s chocolate chip cookies or snicker doodles. There may be some truth to the old saying , ” a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

    • Alex says:

      Hey dearest Baf. Thanks for sharing your memories. I – mistakenly, now I know – always thought nutella was an American concoction, you know, ’cause of the chocolate and all… Thanks for enlightening me, and taking the time to share your own experiences :) Shabbat Shalom

  2. The Baf says:

    Oops, I just googled “Nutella”, and found out it was an Italian concoction. Vive Italia!

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