While in Denmark…

I learned a lot about grace. Mostly, I learned I need grace; tons of it, and I learned one can not – must not – categorize people, placing them in man-created boxes. I learned, as hard as it is to apply it in my everyday life, it is erroneous of me to expect people to live to standards which are not aligned to the principles and priorities of their lives. How then, should/could I balance my actions, thoughts and approach to relationships without betraying G-d and myself, and at the same time being open to know others and being known?

No simple answer, but the one, the only one I’ve been able to come to: GRACE… and her close follower, MERCY. Not because, I am better, or higher; smarter or truer or cleaner or holier, but because those two have sustained (as a result of love) my very life.

I am far from being where God is leading; still got quite some miles to walk (or run, swim, bike or transcend in my dreams) but Denmark, special Denmark, has given me one of the greatest lessons in Grace & Mercy.

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One Response to While in Denmark…

  1. The Baf says:

    Amen! May we always be filled with grace and mercy.

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