Of travel and movement

This blog was created with the aim to record my thoughts and experiences while in Denmark; to keep me accountable so I would not forget to write while in the frenzy of a new – cough, cough… exciting – life.

The following post might break a bit its “line” and purpose, then. However, since it’s all about traveling, discovery and movement, I thought of this small text as suitable, for it relates to what I lived 5 years ago. Boy, has there been movement since then! It expresses, too, how it is my inner self travels, sometimes parallel to normal, every day life. Sometimes living its own existence while the physical self struggles to “get it right”. Anyway…

I’ve discovered it! Love is not pink anymore. Nor is it red, even though it is the colour of the blood shed for me on the stake. Love… love is blue.

As the expanse of blue skies where my heart thrives and my thoughts gaze, while twirling along butterflies.

Blue as ocean waves, fiercely striking the shore, willing to fight.

Blue, Even as those nights, when sleep refuses to come and close my eyes.

(Written on January 20th, 2006)

*Last Paragraph added on July 28th, 2011… at 2:46 a.m.!

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2 Responses to Of travel and movement

  1. The Baf says:

    That is wonderful Ale. Actually, “blue” is a much better way to describe the dept , and great expanse of love. As you so rightly stated, the vastness of the sky and the oceans truly do paint a picture of the enormous, and never ending effect of love. I am thinking of a little mountain stream that gains momentum and volume has it rushes along, and pours itself out into the sea.
    Just look at all the life the sea, and other bodies of water support. The blue sky hosts the stars of heaven, and even our own wonderful earth. It surrounds and covers us like a warm blanket, or a mother’s hug. Blue is so cool and calming, yet blue is strong.

    • Alex says:

      Well, my dear, it seems you are a writer yourself! Thank you for constantly reflecting on my writings. You add a lot to my thoughts :)

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