And yet…

I am no longer in Copenhagen…Boy! does it hurt saying that! and it hurts even more because NU/NOW/AHORA is the best time to be IN Copenhagen. Everything that happens (Ok, not everything, but quite a bit) over there, happens during the short but delightful summer months… bummer! So, I’m no longer in Denmark, and yet I plan to continue blogging, for there are still a bunch of topics and ideas – regarding Denmark – whose surface I’ve not even scratched. Just give me some time, I’ll debrief, decompress, de-stress, decompose ? (hey, we’re all decomposing, as I write this) and out of it all will flow the next posts. Hello Americas, Hej Hej Scandinavia and Europe; Vi ses, senere…

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One Response to And yet…

  1. The Baf says:

    Oh Ale, as you debrief, decompress, de-stress, and decompose, I delight in the fact that you are here in the Americas!

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