Pesach / Easter / Pascua / Påske…

Is here!

and what better way to celebrate our Savior’s overcoming, than… drum-rolls please… drinking beer!

Yup, as weird as it may sound – though honestly, nothing is too weird anymore – and as little association there may be between beer and Jesus/Yeshua, the fact is, we’re in Denmark, and you know the old say: When in Denmark, drink beer as if there were no tomorrow ;)

Now, since there is a “Julebryg” (Christmas brew), it is only natural to have a special “bryg” for any other special occasions, right? Then of course, there is a “påskebryg”, and of course, there had to be baby chicks* on the cans/bottles.

So, here it is… skål! og god påske (and may G-d bless you all richly but, most importantly, may all of us bless the L-rd’s name)

* It is traditional for Danes to display baby chicks everywhere, around Easter time; yes, there are the occasional bunnies, and yes påskehare (Easter Bunny) does bring chocolate to the kids, but Chickens definitely rule this holiday!… I’m pretty sure you’d like that, Miss Selk :)

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5 Responses to Pesach / Easter / Pascua / Påske…

  1. Jo Stoll says:

    Hey, is the Easter beer “hoppy”?

    • Alex says:

      Ha, ha, ha… not really… It is like drinking a corona, only a little darker… ikke noget til at rabe hurra for (Nothing for which to yell “hurra”)

  2. The Baf says:

    Oh I so love that. I wonder if my “girls” would have enjoyed drinking a bit of the brew. It does have their picture on it :0) Oh by the way Shira so loves this time of year. Since her regular cat food has leaven in it, I have removed it and she is eating tuna and gefilte
    fish. Who says it is boring to follow the L-RD?!

    • Alex says:

      :) You just made my day Sheryl… I am in Brussels now. Took a trip, since these will pretty much be the last holidays I take. Was in Amsterdam, and on my way to Paris, this evening… Love you

      • The Baf says:

        Wow, it looks like you have been seeing a lot of Europe!! I am looking forward to when you “hop the pond”, and are here in Dallas. I sure love and miss you.

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