Hvad jeg skal savne…(a.k.a You’re in my heart, “Thebirkes”)

So, I decided to make a list of the things I’ll miss in, and about Denmark. “They” (yet again, whomever “they” are) say it’s good to mourn and go through a grieving process, whenever we miss something, right? So… here I go:

• Being able to walk / bike / take the bus / metro at 2, 3, 4 o’clock in the morning, without worries, whatsoever. Not that I am out until wee hours every day, but sometimes it’s tempting, when I remember I live in a fairly safe city, with a good transport system (thus eliminating the “car factor”)

• Cold! Yes, even when this morning I almost lost my toes. OK, perhaps I did not miss them, but I couldn’t feel them at some point, while out on the streets. (Note to myself: Buy a winter hat AND gloves, no matter where I spend next winter)

• BREAD! (and bakeries, of course) Actually, this should be in first place, for boy! how I like bread and pastries… yum! I’ll miss not only the dense, rich whole/multi-grain loaves, but also the knowledge that, on any given morning of the week, it is possible to find freshly baked goods.

• Danish class and my “buddies” there :( Those who were there at some point and are not  there anymore, those with whom I still go to class; those who won’t be there next module.

• Actually knowing how it all works… the metro, the stores; the people. Tak skal du have when you’re being polite, and nej and jo, and  ja and everything in between

• Seeing bikes everywhere, despite that I still chicken out when I have to bike myself.

• Ice cream! (my #2 love)

• Feeling that fleeting but awesome sense of accomplishment when: a) I hear a question on the street, and know it’s directed at me, b) am able to not only recognize what the person is asking, but also reply… på dansk!, and c) people actually understand my reply!

• Cobblestone streets

• The port; knowing it is THERE, even I’m not always by its side.

• Getting lost and “discovering” yet another shop, courtyard, historic point, house I like, café; Imagining what people inside such a place talk about; imagining what it would be like to sit there and talk, and drink and eat, and quiet… Even though seldom do I sit, eat, let alone talk at those cafés, yet it is awesome letting my imagination free.

• Understanding -at least to some extent – what I now call “the Nordic nostalgia / melancholy”

• Capturing images in my mind – and journal – if not always in pictures.

• Feeling brave standing under rain, cold, wind and -10〫C; almost like I belong here :(

– – – – – – –

There are still many more things, certainly many more to come; This morning alone I thought of at least a dozen but, of course, I forgot them again. Then, I shall keep updating the present post.

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One Response to Hvad jeg skal savne…(a.k.a You’re in my heart, “Thebirkes”)

  1. The Baf says:

    Isn’t it strange that something that was once so unknown, and unfamiliar can find it’s way in our hearts? You will always carry a bit of Denmark with you. You will lose the belly, but all those wonderful things you were writing about will stay with you. I look forward to see how the L-RD is going to knit this together in the fabric of you life.
    I am praying about your upcoming Israel trip, and the reservation. May you have favor.

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