A “well blended” life?

So, guess what I’ve been doing lately? Apparently, breaking with the old… witnessing miracles in the midst of it, while at the same time wondering if perhaps the greatest miracle isn’t that I’m still “here”, pushing forward, and hoping G-d will show up once more, as real as possible, every single, mundane, great, chilly, sunny, copenhagenish day.

Let’s start in the beginning, shall we? Turns out my “breaking” is more than literal! Ever since June and until, say December, I had broken a thing or two, while performing my daily chores; no big deal, right? It happens to everyone and, after all, I’m only human. However, this “trend” of mine seems to have significantly increased over the last 2 months, as I have broken, both “stuff” and perhaps a record… a record in things broken, that is.

What am I guilty, so far? Let’s see, at least (that I can remember):

2 glasses • 1 wine glass • 1 PLASTIC kid’s cup • 1 antiquity box’s lid • a picture frame • the glass of a picture frame  • a lamp • a blender’s jar/jug

Hmmm… somehow they don’t seem to be too many things now that I list them, but then again, those are only the ones I can remember right now, so…

In any case, the blender’s jug was my most recent “misfortune” and, being fed up with all this, I decided to pay for it, even though I was not required to do so (thank G-d for a gracious host family – or at least, a gracious “host Maja”).

Flash forward to the actual ordering of the aforementioned jug… There were pros and cons, which I will list in order to keep this post short (mainly ’cause the library will close soon, so I have no much time):

• First, I’m proud of myself, for I managed to write 4 whole e-mails, på dansk, (in Danish) and the guy behind the screen actually understood… sort of. He thought, at some point, I was asking for the whole blender instead of just the jug, but that I am sure, had nothing to do with my Danish, but the lack of proper terms in such language.

• As I was seeking to save the shipping fee, I decided not to order online but instead go to the main office/storehouse, which is in Cph. Unfortunately, the spare part was not to be found “here” so I HAD to order online, bringing me back to square 1 and to, either a 65DKK shipping fee, or an additional purchase for about 100DKK so as to get “free” shipping; more money but at least I would have gotten one more “something” along the way.

• After my rather successful e-mail exchange with the guy, it seems I found favor before him, so he gave me a 20% rabat (discount) when ordering online, therefore compensating for having to pay for the shipping fee. Was that not a miracle?! He was nice, and for that I am incredibly GRATEFUL. Thank you G-d (perhaps He knew what I’d find out about a couple of days later*)

• Now, for the one “dark spot” of this saga… (flash forward to delivery day) Guess WHERE the jug I ordered online in DENMARK, and which was imported from the U.S., was made? Ideas, suggestions, guesses anyone?… MEXICO!!!! Seriously?! Who is playing me such pranks?

– – – – –

* What I found out about is I mistakenly made my hostel reservation in Israel, for February instead of March, which means right now I am facing a – most possibly – 25 Euro charge for not having cancelled/changed in time. There is a tiny morsel of hope inside me, as I have tried contacting the hostel people explaining the situation in the hopes they waiver the charge, or at least apply it to the right dates. We’ll see…




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2 Responses to A “well blended” life?

  1. The Baf says:

    Wow, what a ride with the blender. I am so proud of you conducting all the transaction in Danish!! Hey, with the blender jug is kinda like you: Made in Mexico, but arriving in Denmark, only after your American family released you :0) OK, we did not actually have the authority to release you, but dear Hermanita, you do have hearts in the US who love you dearly :0)

    • Alex says:

      PRAISE REPORT: After a few days and much hopeful short two-word prayers, I was able to contact the hostel in Israel, and was told they’d change my reservation. So far, no money has been deducted from my bank acct., which means they’re not deducting the sum, which is really good. Praise G-d!!! and not in a cliché way, but in reality, for many a time, when faced with the little crises of my life, I tend to panic and lose courage. However, He is teaching/showing me how to stay calm, cool and focused, placing everything into perspective, and detaching more and more from what I some times think is “important”.

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