Nope… it means not “What Would Yeshua Do”? (and obviously neither,”What Would Jesus Do”, given the “Y”)

What would YOU do? IF there’s a man on the train, visibly affected, mentally and he’s mumbling stuff… OK, more like yelling, but still “mumbly”, to people, and at some point invades a guy’s personal space. He, in return, pushes him and then even – almost – asphyxiates this unstable person, as he puts his arm on the guy’s throat, all while saying whatever he said in Danish that I could not figure out, partly ’cause I was not even in the same wagon.  What would you do?

I felt:

– Compelled to say “stop” and try to “help” the unstable guy; but how? How to reason when someone who is visibly not capable of doing so?

– Useless

– Unfomfortable

– Like running away… OK, not really. I don’t easily get scared with this type of things. However, there is always this instinct of protecting yourself and/or removing yourself from “danger”

So… what do WE do? what SHOULD WE Do? I know the one thing I don’t want to do: NOTHING; I don’t want to ignore it, yet I do not know how to best help. Most of all, I want people to always know someone cares for them. (sigh).

In the end, when the train stopped at the following station, a woman talked to the driver (which I thought of doing, too. How? Who knows… perhaps G-d would have opened my mouth and given me words in Danish?) and he “escorted” the guy off the train.

Any other ideas? They’re more than welcome…



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3 Responses to WWYD?

  1. The Baf says:

    Wow, what would I do? Well, I have often wondered if I would have the strength to stand up in the presence of injustice, and take action to correct it. I would like to think that the answer is always, YES! I however know the truth. Fear, embarrassment, pride and what I perceive as inability hinders me. G-D wants us to intervene. He wants us to help those who cannot help themselves, but not in our own strength. I believe that as we are placed in a situation like the one you described, when we call upon His Name, He will give us the Strategy. Not only will He give us the strategy, but the authority to act. He is the LORD of Hosts and will dispatch His army to fight for us!

  2. The Baf says:

    Wow, WWID ? What would I do? Actually I have wondered, and thought about how I would act in situations similar to the one who described. I would want to believe that I would always arise and fight for the one who is being mistreated. The truth is most times I stop because I don’t think it is my place to “jump in”, or I am afraid that I don’t have the strength, wisdom, or ability to truly help. The truth is that as a believer in the Messiah, I not only have the right, but the duty to jump in. Not with my strength, wisdom, or ability, but as I seek the L-RD, not only will He give me His strategy, but equip me follow through. So in the split second we have to make the decision, do we have the time to stop, repent of our sins, and get ourselves positioned to hear from G-D so we can make our requests known? No, that is why scriptures tells us to pray without ceasing. We should be in constant communication with G-D. We should be positioned to hear from Him. That doesn’t mean that we distance ourselves from the world and sit on a mountain and meditate all day long, but that we see the L-RD and His love and grace in the situations we find ourselves in. Scriptures says that ADONAI leads us, and that Wisdom calls out to us. May we have ears to hear!

  3. Josh says:

    WWYD? Well…
    Since you asked, I’d usually do things on the side (be unnoticed in the act of acting). My thought: immediately go to someone [higher in authority] and direct their attention to the disturbed behavior. If it’s no use to communicate to them, the best thing to do is pray and believe God can act on the action in an instant!
    It’s shocking to hear such an immoral behavior, and see how much sin is affecting us more and more these days. I’m sorry you had to see that. I hope and pray for both the attacker and the victim, and the peace of God be in your heart.

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