Fantastic Friday

My dearest Baf wrote me an e-mail. Now, as thankful as I am for e-mail, it’s sometimes scary to think how ubiquitous it has become… Will we ever go back to pen & paper? Shall we instead continue “evolving” (or de-volving) until we reach the point when everyone “writes” with electronic pens on electronic tablets? the latter evoking – somehow technologically, of course – the smell and textures of old, stained paper, ink bleeding and dusty pencil graphite? I hope not. I, for one, will continue to send post cards filled with my tiny, almost unreadable handwriting; time (and budget) permitting.

In any case, the aim of this post is not to talk about technology and her friends. (As I type this, a book stares at me, from the other side of the table. “Being Digital”… I thing such a title is actually a contradiction, even though not a grammatical one. To me BEING has all to do with everything but DIGITAL; at least when the term is to be understood as we nowadays do so. However, I am typing on a laptop, listening to music from a CD, later downloaded to my named-after-a-fruit laptop, and transmitting all these characters, thanks to the magic of “blogging” technology… As I sit, surrounded by physical, REAL, books in a library, which is — thank G-d — being renovated so as to offer more and better services. Oh my! I live on the edge of two worlds. Looks like I am serving two masters… No good ending can result from it ;) ha ha ha… OK, enough with the drama, AND detours from the main purpose of this post.

Just like I said, I am sitting at Hovedbiblioteket (the main library of Copenhagen, or at least, the main working library after the Royal Library, now connected with Den Sorte Diamant, or “Black Diamond”, name given to the newest, completely different wing) half-praying, half-listening to music, half… wait, that’s 3 halves… hmmm. OK, so 1/3 praying, 1/3 listening to music, 1/3 praying for the Jewish Community of Cph., now gathering for Shabbos services, just across the street. I was reading to the aforementioned e-mail, sent by my dearest Baf. It read:

I hope your mundane Monday led to a terrific Tuesday, a wildly wonderful Wednesday, a thoroughly tremendous Thursday and fully fantastic Friday. May you also have a shalom-filled Shabbat, and a super-sanctified Sunday (YES, she choose same-letter beginning Adjectives [?] in accordance to each day of the week. Is she sweet or what?!)

Now, as I pray – trying to now look suspicious – I wish the same to all you who read me… There is someone reading, right? right?! May the rest of your week occur as the L-rd pours out of himself, making us all aware of his continuous presence in the midst of our lives. I often fail to acknowledge him, and so I instilled the following questions to myself, the other day:

1) Do I believe in G-d? = Yes

2) Do I, not only believe in his existence, but the fact that He is somehow tangible, present and involved in our everyday? = Yes

3) Do I believe in his sufficiency, power, unending knowledge, infinite wisdom and love, unutterable/unexplainable ability to offer counsel and help to get through hardship; his vastness and sovereignty? = YES, YES, YES!!!

Then… how in the world can I not have the desire to connect to him every single day? to talk to him and LISTEN to him, most of all?

I suppose the reason is that there is a lack of knowledge OF him; a lack of deep closeness (is that a syntactically incorrect statement, by the way?). I’ve come to the conclusion – no that getting to such thought saves me from falling in the trap; which can only be skipped when driven by utter, true love – that there is NO way one can say “Yes, I do believe in G-d; I know He is real. I just am not ready for him to be in my life”. Actually, I guess it is possible to say such a think because belief and awareness do not equal KNOWLEDGE; not wisdom, but knowledge, as in when you truly know a person (as much as it is humanly possible). The perk with G-d is, it is actually possible to deeply know him, given we are his creation. Therefore, proceeding from him, we do share the “spiritual DNA”. Whether it lies dormant or not, is another matter.

I am saddened and bewildered at the realization of how far I am from G-d. How shall I respond? I’ll fight with all my strength to get close to him… that is, until I get so exhausted that I give up ;) Then He’ll meet me, as He always does… for it is not by might, nor by power :) Thanks be given to him!

Shabbat Shalom, to you all. Vi ses på søndag


p.s. Feel free to correct my grammar/spelling mistakes. Learning a language is – temporarily, I hope – running my usage of another.

p.p.s. How do you like the new header? It’s my childish, overly simplified, igitally generated rendition of Nyhavn :I






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2 Responses to Fantastic Friday

  1. Josh says:

    #1 Grammatical Correction: you have ‘thing’ and ‘think’ used in the wrong places.
    ‘Think’= your thoughts____
    ‘Thing’= whatever you consider a noun (person,place,thing,idea)

    #2 You amaze me by such words of insights! I’m happy for you!
    One thing God showed me was this:
    His heart broken and blood spilling out onto the world. The world is covered in His blood and black suds bubble up in certain areas. It moves away [feeling guilty of having something dark being revealed within] but a wind of forgiveness blows it back to the spilling heart. Then again, it moves out the other way [feeling unworthy] but another wind of love gently blows it back in place.
    –>I truly believe God is aligning you with Him to be in that perfect relationship! (Read Phillipians 1:5-6)

    • Alex says:

      Hey buddy, thanks.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. it cracks me up!!! I DO know the difference between “thing” and “think”, so my brain must be REAAAAALLY messed up, after trying to learn this Scandinavian mass of words, they call Danish. Thanks for pointing it out ;) I’ll go back to the text, and correct them. Thanks also for your words in regards to G-d.

      Have a good weekend. Much love and prayers, – Ale

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