Just a short word…

before Danish starts. Yes, I am at Danish school while I type this.

Turns out, my Danish school is situated near a real-state business. There are actually quite a few spread all around, above, along, underneath ( hmm… you get the idea) Copenhagen. I’ve noticed them, looked at them, and rapidly ignored and dismissed them, every time I walk past them. Danes, however, seem to have a fascination with them; I had not paid too much attention before, but the truth is, they can stop, for “no reason” apparently, and stare at the different tilbud (offers… the actual plural form would be tilbuder), as if they were looking at a piece of art, or similar. They stare, study, compare, analyze, smile – or frown – while they talk, either to themselves (very rare among Danes, by the way) or someone else. It’s quit amusing… people looking at those people actually looking at… well, dwelling places. I don’t know, perhaps the reason people seem so elated every time they look through the windows of these places, lies in the fact that finding a residence – whether nice/ clean, or not – in Copenhagen and its surroundings is so hard.

Oh well, there are still too many subjects Danes dedicate their energy to, I still can’t comprehend. I suppose it takes time… or a Dane to spell it all to me.

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