Winter thoughts

Every chance is a good one to think; When I’m on a bus, the metro, train, walking down the streets of CPH, or cleaning and doing laundry (apparently with too much enthusiasm… I “pulled” a tendon which runs down the elbow). However, not every chance is a good or long enough one, for me to actually write. it does take some energy, more than one might think; it takes time, time, and then some more time and sheer quietness, in order to process my thoughts. All that to say, that’s part of the reason I take so long to update this blog… plus the fact, of course, that I am too busy living, to write about it! ;)

In any case, it happened again… just like eeeeevery single Christmas, and eeeeevery single end of the year, I’ve been thinking what it all means. I may have shared this before, so excuse me if you have to bear with me again.Here I go…

This time around I realized how many “good thoughts” we have for each other at the end and beginning of a year; how the scent of turning seasons propels us to fill holiday cards with positive words and wishes, with joy and sheer pure gladness and gayness. Our spirits — or at least our emotions — become uplifted and aroused by expectations and the awakening of our deep, core nature; one of thankfulness and goodness; one that wishes to return back to its origins, only able to be completely fulfilled by the Father, whether we recognize it or not, believe it or not. It is all good… and futile.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, please; I have had the blessing of privilege to have many of you (who read this blog) send not only warm wishes but even “material warmth” (in the shape of a scarf, for instance :) and spiciness (mangoes with chili, anyone?) my way, during this season. My heart – and my belly – have been nurtured by it all. It is good to have appointed times to stop, acknowledge and express; it is certainly good. And still… I wonder: Why, instead of focusing on all the merriness and lightness and carelessness, can’t we focus on the state of our spirit, our soul? Why, instead of beginning the year with resolutions, don’t we start afresh doing some soul searching, making some attitude adjustments, seeking deep inside of our beings for what is true, real and perhaps even a little “crappy” (excuse the word)? WHY NOT? Are we afraid of deep cleansing? Is it just not appropriate, given the reigning atmosphere of the season?

NO, I am not the Grinch, I promise you; I am not trying to discredit people’s efforts to be nice and caring and loving. I’m not suggesting that there should be no Christmas and good wishes… Holy macaroni! I don’t even know for sure where I’m going with this post. All I am suggesting is: Let us start this year, not with wishes but challenging ourselves; with “happy challenges”, if you will. The kind which will take us to a more truthful, simple, loving way of life; the kind which will make New Year’s resolutions and wishes unnecessary, for we will be constantly living out of a heart of thankfulness, mercy, grace and love.

I am learning, slowly, steadily, and sometimes with a certain dose of heartache, how much grace can mean for a person’s life; how much thankfulness and humility can shape our paths in such a way that we may enjoy a better “ride” through this life. Now that he holidays are over, there are no more presents, no more fancy dresses and no more food to stuff our faces, let us live in truth, in peace and in reality; the deepest of all realities being the endless love of our G-d, always available to those who DARE TO ask, to those who dare to believe, and dive head first into such “irrational reality”.

Oh, and yes… Happy New Year to “y’all”

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One Response to Winter thoughts

  1. Josh says:

    Grreat way to put it Ale! Indeed, this is the beginning of “truth and dare”—dare to do things in order to get to the truth. (That’s my way of looking at it.) Besides, if we turn off the Christmas lights and really see how dark of a world we are actually living in, then we should truly see how much light we need to lead us the way! Correct me if I’m wrong, people these days seem to break the rules even before they were established on paper. You can see Jesus was a rebel from all the ritual practices of the priests did to get to God. Jesus [did His thing and] went out of His way: left His throne, came into a broken world, & broke Himself (on the cross) opened to us.
    I don’t want to further myself anymore, but it’s amazing to notice God is already working in mysterious ways! Especially this year, which means He is ready to plow in deeper…deeper into our hearts and make us new again!

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