talk about being SERIOUS…

Many people think Danes are cold and way too serious, and it is true, some – or perhaps all – are… in the eyes of foreigners. They can be quite, well, hmmm… “alive” when in the midst of other Danes, particularly those close to them. “They” (however they are… Have you noticed, by the way, “they” often rule our lives, in every culture, and every place? You know, the thing with “they” will think I am stupid; “they” say if you eat the seeds of a fruit, a tree will grow inside of you. WHO are “they”??!!!) … errr…. but I was saying, they say also that once you make a friend among Danes, Norwegians or Swedish, it is a friend for a lifetime. I still have not had the chance to prove that theory, as I have not yet made a single Danish friend; we’ll see.

In any case, going back to Danes and their seriousness, let me say… they take QUITE seriously their resting periods. On Sunday I walked along “Kongens Nytorv” (don’t ask for the pronunciation; it’s quite peculiar) plaza/street, and down another famous street whose name I can not remember. This is where most popular/upscale stores and situated. Well, let me tell you something: Danes may take finances, work and being a 1st world country seriously, but not as seriously – I think – as resting. Most stores were closed… closed! on a Sunday!! in the middle of s-u-m-m-e-r !!! when LOTS of tourists pour themselves down the beautiful København’s streets, into Nyhavn (the famous water channel where the marina is). Those opened were mainly shoe stores (I know… sort of odd), restaurants of course, and a few “touristy” / souvenirs ones. It is frankly incredible.

Then today I went to the Library* and yet again, at least 2 stores on the main shopping street of Vanløse (where I live) were also closed, because the owners were taking “summer vacation”, and not only 1 or 2 weeks, but t-h-r-e-e, three… ha! I may be entirely biased due to the fact that Mexico City and its surroundings never stop, but still, these Danes are definitely something else (and I have not even touched the issue of their obsession of getting red as shrimps under the summer sun :) but hey! I DO love “my” Danes, especially my Isabella.**

Farvel (good bye) for now

* Which, by the way was quite a dissappointing experience as most of their English (Engelsk) language material is not good, and their Spanish books are “school books”, you know, the ones with a “level 2” printed on the back, with no more than a hundred pages that you use when trying to learn Spanish.

** The picture above is of my Danish CPR number; now I am officially a Dane, even if only temporarily. See? How could I hate them, when I am becoming one of them? (I believe my eyes are even getting lighter… ha ha ha :) It is not that I hate or criticize all about them. I am just exploring and meditating on their “collective personality” so as to better take it in.

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2 Responses to talk about being SERIOUS…

  1. Baf says:

    Dear Hermanita,

    It is really interesting the way a people take on a “group personality and culture”. It is funny because the Europeans in general do work and play hard. When I hear about the rest times, I think Shabbats and Siestas :0) It is making me tired. Thanks for the update :0)

  2. Josh says:

    When you mentioned many stores were closed on Sundays, I thought of “the Sabbath”.
    I wonder…
    They seem to know how to relieve stress from flooding their business. But for those stores that had 3 weeks off, wow! I guess those employees were lucky.
    I believe we Americans should learn from these great Danes who know how to keep their head from popping off.

    I don’t know (since I’m not there) if you ever get a chance to nap from taking care of the little ones. Enjoy and you too watch out for the sun. Even though you’re a Dane citizen, represent your Spanish color of skin.

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