Grad hats

The other day I saw a guy on the street wearing this sailor-like hat; then I saw this girl wearing another one like that. I thought “OK, that’s quite an odd trend… oh well, these Danes”. What I did not know at the time is IT IS NOT a trend; fortunately I did not make a fool of myself and said nothing about the matter. Finally, on Thursday Maja told me those are ‘grad hats’. All kids in Denmark take a final test in order to graduate from High School; it can be either the “Gymnasium”, which is regular high school, or business oriented high school. Hence the color of your hat: White with either a blue or red stripe.

I found it to be quite an interesting and nice way to “tell the world” you have finished school, as I think it is important to have some ‘rites of passage’ that determine certain phases of life. Now, on the not so good side of things, kids wear their hats and many of them rent trucks, climb of them and set off to party all day, and all night long. They will drink and sing and stop at each and everyone’s house for something to eat, something to drink, a quick chat with parents and so on… Most of them will get really drunk and they will end the ‘night’ throwing a party at someone’s home. What can I say to that?

Anyway, the one you see is a picture of the aforementioned hats

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One Response to Grad hats

  1. Baf says:

    Dear Hermanita, I like your Medalla way better than the hats however, I think that it is a fun way to let the world know you graduated. We sure do need to celebrate those landmark times in our lives. Thanks for the sharing the Danish tradition.

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