Butter, butter, butter…

Butter is to Danes what tortillas are to Mexicans… oh wait, that’d be “brød”. Brød is to Danes what tortillas are to Mexicans. By the way, that is bread. Then, butter must be to Danes what salsa is to Mexicans… no, wait, wait… that would be mælk or koldskål… hmmm. OK, the point is Danes it a great deal of butter and, in this household in particular, it is consumed at all times by everyone (but me, of course). Jo (Stoll) laughingly (it was laughingly, right Jo?) told me I am going to get soooo fat… gulp… I hope not! Now, I do spend my day climbing stairs, so I believe there may be some hope for me.

In any case, it does make sense for Danes to consume so much butter and bread because, let’s face it, it’s “sommer” (summer) over here, and it has rained like 20 times, followed by some other 20 times the sun has appeared for like, 5 minutes a time! What kind of summer is that?! I have had my arms OVERLY tanned, however, since last weekend it was indeed s-u-n-n-y; now they’re super black but I am not sure how long that will last. It’s OK, I’d like to get an “even” skin tone for once.

Now, changing subjects, it is Sunday, I am feeling a lot better, but still a bit congested and sleepy and, you know how it is. Still, I gathered all my strength to go out and to the bakery and supermarket to get some supplies. By the way, in case you are wondering (that would be you, papafrita) YES, it is “just like the movies”; at least in Vanløse. There are lots of tiny little stores; shoe stores, bike stores, bakeries, clothing stores and much more. There’s even a waaay weird looking “trendy…ish” one that apparently is so hype but to me, well… let’s move on.

So, back to this morning I took a shower, dressed and ventured into the world and into the market, only to find out that EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday. Now, I did know most businesses were closed on Sunday, but not every one of them; even “THE” supermarket – not market, but “super” market… funny, it is as big as some U.S. mini-marts. Then I constantly feel I am shopping at a seven elven, but I love it! I did manage to find an open store, so now I’ve got mælk (milk) and other basics. I also found out there is “something” going on out there. Lots of people were setting up stalls with everything from beer to clothes, to unidentifiable objects. I don’t know. Maybe, just maybe, if I feel better later on, I will go out and check what it is all about. They even got a stage and everything. Some band is supposed to play. Quite cool, huh? and it all happens one block away from “home”. Perhaps I’ll even take some pictures (yes, risking to look like the so dreaded “tourist”) We shall see.

In the meantime, here are 2 pics. of “København København” (the city centre). Enjoy. OK, never mind… 1 from København København, and the other is a “kanelstang” (hope I spelled it right), cinnamon pastry I had this morning for breakfast.

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2 Responses to Butter, butter, butter…

  1. Baf says:

    I so wish I were there to help you eat your breakfast :0) Thank you for including some Danish words. May each day be a new adventure!!

  2. Iris says:

    Isn’t is nice to shop at small shops instead of supersized ones like Wal-mart? So much more charming and personal. You’ll be speaking Danish before you know it. Iris

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