I see ice cream all over…

Hi there world,

it is so surreal… I AM IN DENMARK… Hmmm…

I’ve finally been to ‘Copenhagen, Copenhagen’, as Maja puts it. That is, I have been to the center of Copenhagen city. It was a somewhat short trip, as we took Isabella (baby) with us, and our goal was only to get me registered for language school. I might start on the 28th of June, which would be really nice. Then I could understand a bit of what goes on around me. If not, I’ll have to wait til August. We shall see.

Now, for the SJOVT FACT of the day:

Danes eat m-a-s-s-i-v-e amounts of ice cream. Not just ‘my’ Danes, but aaaaall Danes, or so it seems. They have quite loving relationship with ice cream. However, the interesting fact is there don’t seem to be many flavors out there. Sure, I did get to see a couple of stores that carry a few ones, but ‘ice cream in a stick’ is, for the most part, well…vanilla? sugary milk flavor? OK, let’s just say it’s white, and sometimes covered with chocolate.

They (Danes) also REALLY like milk. I believe I’ve died and gone to Heaven!!!!

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4 Responses to I see ice cream all over…

  1. Lori Tondre says:

    Ice cream and milk what a country!! :)

  2. Baf says:

    I actually have been on your blog :0) I love the photos and the updates you have provided. Eat an ice cream dipped in chocolate for me O.K.?

  3. Jo says:

    Post some Danish words, when you learn a few, so that we can learn with you. Example:http://copenhagenfollies.blogspot.com/2009/01/todays-danish-word-is.html

    Also, send samples of the ice cream; I’d love to try it.

    Vi ses!

  4. Josh says:

    you’re in a country that is flowing with milk and ice cream!

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