Brain jetlag

Try to think RATIONALLY in one language, hard, huh?

Try to think in two languages… even harder

Try to think in three languages. Now THAT is something else, especially for some “old” 25 year old like me. Then, please be gracious If I make no sense of what I write. I am really trying.

Now, for a “fun fact” of Denmark. (though I don’t know how fun that is)


– You will never go hungry getting to Denmark. At least coming from the U.S. on Scandinavian Airlines. On my way here I was served:

‘Welcome’ snack:

– bag of salted almonds

–       glass of cold beverage… literally. DO NOT even think of asking for coffee or anything else hot. By no means will it be served to you until ‘coffee time’


–       Piece of bread

–       Butter portion

–       Cream cheese portion

–       Packet of crackers

–       Greens salad

–       Main course, consisting of meat, potatoes and broccoli

–       Danish pastry

–       Coffee

–       Tea

Coffee time:

NOW you get plenty of coffee & tea


(Just about 4 hours – four! – after previous meal. Mind you, Aaaall this time all you’ve done is SIT there, pondering why people stare at you every time you stand up.)

–       Yogurt

–       Bread roll with ham, cheese and tomato slice

–       Glass of orange juice

–       Coffee & tea

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One Response to Brain jetlag

  1. Josh says:

    Where’s the water? Talk about dehydration! You probably felt really tired [and a bit frustrated] from all that bread and salt. Haha, at least your digestive system is working. Hope it was a fun flight!

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